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Across the EU27, water is an increasingly scarce resource. In many member states, restrictions on water use are now commonplace (for example, in 2006 there was less water per capita in the South-East of England than in the desert states of Syria and Sudan). With warmer climate models predicted for Europe and decreases in groundwater and river flow rates, the shortage of water for Europe’s growing population must be addressed. Economic impacts of droughts on the tourism, energy production and agriculture industries have already cost the European economy €100 billion over the past 30 years. If nothing is done consumption by the public, industry and agriculture will likely increase by at least 16% to 2030, which will put more pressure on our water supply infrastructure.

EC Directive - The Water Framework

Henry Mwai

A recent study commissioned by the EC illustrates that water efficiency can be improved by nearly 40% through technological developments alone and that changes in human behaviour could increase these savings even further. The EC has therefore launched several initiatives such as the Water Framework Directive and the Communication on Water Scarcity and Droughts (July 2007) which proposes widespread promotion of domestic water saving technologies (ie water saving showers, grey water systems) and a ‘user pays’ tariff system which is likely to result in significantly higher water prices in the future. At the same time several Member States are implementing guidelines and policies to reduce usage.

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